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Software, Automation & Control
Determine concentrations with this windowless sensor
Smart, wireless features for this pressure calibrator
A plastic housing protects this flowmeter from corroson
Space- and cost-saving flow-control solution
This four-electrode sensor sends a digital output signal
A new QR code delivers all this flowmeters information
Sound the alarm with these explosion-proof horns
A pressure transmitter that uses a thin-film sensor
A compact flowmeter that has no moving parts
Passive fire-shelter technology provides new protection choice
Information technology

Principles of P&ID Development

The piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is often considered to be the gold standard for the proper design, operation and maintenance of plants in the chemical process industries (CPI), including chemical, oil-and-gas facilities, mining operations, food-processing plants, and water- and wastewater-treatment plants. The P&ID provides important information for manufacturing and installing... More
Instrumentation, Automation & Control

Focus on Temperature Measurement And Control

A dual-sensor temperature transmitter with HART protocols Invensys Foxboro The RTT80 temperature transmitter (photo) offers signal reliability, longterm stability, high precision and advanced diagnostics. The RTT80 is a mid-tier, two-wire temperature transmitter available with HART (and soon to be released Foundation Fieldbus) protocols, dual-sensor inputs, universal housing, diagnostics, alarms... More
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AVEVA PDMS delivers major new piping capabilities

Aveva (Cambridge, U.K.; VEVA announced today that it has further strengthened its 3D plant-design software product... More
All Software, Automation & Control Topics

This programmable controller is installed directly on-machine

The Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) can be installed directly on-machine, simplifying wiring layouts and decreasing maintenance requirements. This controller has four megabytes of... More

Dilute-phase Pneumatic Conveying: Instrumentation and Conveying Velocity

Dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems must be operated in a certain sequence and have sufficient instrumentation and operating controls to assure reliable operation and prevent problems. This article discusses two subjects that are important for successful dilute-phase conveying. Discussed below are design guidelines for instrumentation and controls that can prevent operating problems, such as pipeline plugging, downtime, equipment failure, high power... More

A moisture analyzer with good connectivity

The latest models of Professional moisture analyzers from this company feature USB, Ethernet and WLAN connectivity for easy data transfer. Measurement results, displayed... More
Popular Series
Strata Technology Ltd. (Sunbury-on-Thames, U.K.; has commercialized the Cambridge Multipass Rheometer (MPR)...
Technical & Practical
Corrosion to the external surface of process piping and vessels that is hidden under the insulation is referred to as corrosion under...
Facts At Your Fingertips
Effective level measurement in the chemical process industries (CPI) helps maintain material inventory at economic quantities...
Post Scripts & Corrections
  Because the benefits are many, roles for simulation software tools exist from planning and design of facilities through...

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