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April 1, 2007
    Free trade agreements, global manufacturing standards and the Internet have made it possible for companies to do business in countries they would not have considered 20 years ago. Open is a world of opportunity, but for processors of pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other materials that must meet high standards of product purity and performance, the competition is stiffer than ever as...
March 1, 2007
A more efficient process for producing synthesis gas (syngas; hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from natural gas has been developed by JGC Corp. (Yokohama, Japan; in cooperation with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan), as part of a national project supported by the Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National Corp. (Kawasaki). The A-ATG process (for advanced auto-thermal gasification) makes...
March 1, 2007
  Last month, Diversa Corp. (San Diego, Calif.; and Celunol Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.; signed a definitive merger agreement to create what is claimed as a new leader in the emerging cellulose-based ethanol industry. The combined company will be the first to posess integrated end-to-end...
March 1, 2007
  Last month, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec; Beijing; and Syntroleum Corp. (Tulsa, Okla.; signed a memorandum of understanding for a joint...
March 1, 2007
    The use of shell-and-tube heat exchangers is widespread in the chemical process industries (CPI). In applications where contact between shell- and tube-side fluids is not tolerable, it is important for the engineer to understand some of the design details that ensure leak tightness. In his work, the author has found a great deal of literature that addresses the strength and tightness of tube...
March 1, 2007
In a related story (see above), the EU and China are launching a project, initiated by Sintef (Trondheim, Norway;, to cut global emissions of greenhouse gases. In the three-year, €3-million "Coach" project, Europe will receive emissions quota for CO2 in exchange for "green" coal-fired power plants for China. A twin of the EU's Dynamis...
February 1, 2007
    Steam traps have been around for a hundred years or so, and for the most part, nothing revolutionary has come forward to change the basic way a trap functions. Any operation that uses steam to produce a high-quality, consistent product depends on a multitude of these ingenious devices to do their job day in and day out. Yet, who watches over these steam traps, which may number in the...
February 1, 2007
Haldor Topsøe A/S (Lyngby, Denmark; has relaunched a methanation process, called TREMP, which makes synthetic natural gas (SNG) from synthesis gas (syngas) mixtures derived from coal gasification. The process was developed and extensively tested during the 1970s, when energy costs were expected to increase to previously unseen levels. When this did not happen, interest in...
February 1, 2007
Scheduled for startup in the second half of this year, the Long Lake integrated bitumen and upgrading project (near Fort McMurry, Alberta) now under construction by OPTI Canada, Inc. ( and Nexen, Inc. (both Calgary, Alberta) is the first gasification project that that combines heavy-oil recovery and upgrading. The project applies the Shell Gasification Process (SGP), which converts...
February 1, 2007
Toyo Engineering Corp. (Tokyo, Japan; and BASF AG (Ludwigshafen, Germany; are...
February 1, 2007
Mascoma Corp. (Cambridge, Mass.; has received a $14.8-million award from the New York State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets and the New York State Energy Research and Development...
February 1, 2007
Siemens Power Generation (Erlangen, Germany; has received a €-30-million contract from Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China) to supply two entrained-flow gasifiers — each with a thermal capacity of 500 MW — and further...
February 1, 2007
U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (Natchez, Miss.; has developed a new biofuel, SoyMazia 128, that is claimed to be the first 100% renewable and environmentally friendly replacement for diesel fuel with none of the negative traits associated with traditional biodiesel. The fuel has a heating value similar to that of petroleum-based diesel (128,000 Btu/gal), is noncorrosive, and is...
February 1, 2007
    Following the dramatic upswing in the global energy prices in the past few years, interest in coal gasification as an "indirect" means of converting coal to power, transportation fuels and chemicals has been gaining new impetus. Environmental considerations, government legislations and increasing concerns over the security of global energy supply are also important drivers in the...
January 1, 2007
    Predicting an adiabatic-temperature rise is useful to chemical engineers for a number of purposes. One use is with combustion reactions whereby it is useful for determining the adiabatic-flame temperature. The adiabatic-temperature rise can be calculated for any reaction of interest, and thus it is often useful in the analysis and design of reactors. The adiabatic-temperature rise is also...
January 1, 2007
    Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) are commonly used for controlling volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from a broad spectrum of industries. An RTO is basically a thermal oxidizer that uses ceramic media as the heat exchanger medium, providing high heat recoveries. Over the past few years, much attention has been given to the pros and cons of the different types of ceramic media...
January 1, 2007
A process that can enrich highly contaminated natural gas has been developed at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands;, with support from the Royal Shell/Dutch Group. The device shows promise as a way to utilize the large quantities of natural gas that is currently unusable because of high concentrations of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Existing technology, such...
January 1, 2007
Up to now, light-cycle oil (LCO) produced from desulfurized vacuum-gas oil has been used as a base for heavy oil or for blending with straight gas oil (SGO). But a decreasing demand for heavy oil, combined with LCO’s drawbacks as a blending material (such as low cetane number), is drying up these outlets for LCO. Furthermore, existing technology for hydrotreating LCO is energy intensive and consumes...
January 1, 2007
Exelus Inc. (Livingston, N.J.; has demonstrated the performance of its ExSact solid-acid alkylation process, having achieved over 1,000 hours of pilot-plant operation on an untreated MTBE raffinate feedstock. The pilot-plant testing was performed to prove the robustness of the ExSact catalyst to common feedstock poisons, such as oxygenates, diolefins and nitriles, to furnish the...
January 1, 2007
Subsidiaries of Shell Oil Co. (Houston, Tex.; and Codexis, Inc. (Redwood City, Calif....
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